President – Jade Mckinlay

President - Jade Mckinlay

President – Jade Mckinlay

Jade has been President of EVZS since June 2013. She is interested in all aspects of exotic and wildlife medicine, but also conservation. She has worked with various conservation projects including volunteering with turtles in Greece and Basking Sharks on the Isle of Man.



Treasurer – Veronica Kirkpatrick

Veronica Picture

Treasurer – Veronica Sisson

Veronica has a Bsc in Zoology from the university of Glasgow. She has been active in wildlife rehabilitation since she was a young girl in the states and has always enjoyed working with exotic species. During her studies she has become increasingly interested in the benefits of collaborative work between veterinarians, ecologists and government in conservation efforts. She is particularly interested in disease control among wildlife.




Secretary- Emily Reinhardt

Secretary- Emily Reinhardt

Secretary- Emily Reinhardt

Since she can remember, Emily has been interested in all things wild and exotic. Before joining the Royal Dick Veterinary School, Emily completed a B.S degree in Zoology from North Carolina State University. She has volunteered at Zoos and Wildlife rehabilitation centres for over 10 years and just recently completed an internship in her hometown at the Louisville Zoo working alongside its dedicated hospital team. Emily has a particular interest in marine wildlife and hopes to complete a fisheries research project this summer.



BVZA Representative – Charles Keys

Charles Keys - BVZS representative

BVZS representative- Charles Keys

Charlie has been a member of the EVZS committee since September 2013 and is the British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS) representative. He is interested in all aspects of zoological medicine, especially big cats and cetaceans, and has carried out placements at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Chessington Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo. He is also a keen birdwatcher.



Talks Organiser - Pip Conlon

Talks Organiser – Pip Conlon

Talks Organiser – Pip Conlon

Pip has always been a keen supporter of conservation work, prior to joining the vet school she completed an internship as a zoo keeper at Chester Zoo where she worked with Giraffes, Okapi and Congo Buffalo. Pip enjoys wildlife photography and can often be found with her camera in hand at Edinburgh zoo.


Social Secretary – Connor O’Callaghan

Connor Photo

Social Secretary – Connor O’Callaghan

A regular member of the society for the past two years, Connor has a keen interest in all aspects of zoological and exotics medicine, especially birds and reptiles (as the proud owner of a bearded dragon!). Connor also has a particular interest in British wildlife, having volunteered at a wildlife rescue centre prior to starting at the vet school.



Health & Safety Officer – Siônyn Ford

Health & Safety Officer - Siônyn Ford

Health & Safety Officer – Siônyn Ford

Siônyn has only recently joined the society this year; he has particular interest in fish and amphibians having kept them himself for a number of years. His interests also include agriculture, mountaineering and the pub.




Sponsorship and Fundraising- Jo Lawrence

Jo Lawrence

Sponsorship and Fundraising-             Jo Lawrence


Jo’s interest in exotics was sparked by keeping pets. After keeping the usual ‘small furries’, Jo progressed to keeping caterpillars and frog’s spawn. Jo volunteered at her local Scottish Wildlife Trust Centre and soon her collection grew to include Giant African Land snails and stick insects. Jo was inspired to follow a route in exotic medicine after seeing practice at her local exotic veterinary centre. Jo has a particular interest in Chelonian medicine and has recently travelled to Costa Rica to work with turtles, as well as caring for her tortoise, Marley, at home.



Merchandise Secretary-  Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson

Merchandise Secretary- Megan Wilson

Meg Wilson first became involved with marine animal conservation whilst completing a Master’s degree in Marine Environmental Science. She worked with nesting marine turtles in South Florida for 5 years before deciding to study Veterinary Medicine. Meg hopes to continue to work with marine turtles again in the future as a practising veterinarian.